Liv Hanna shares emotive single “Back To Hell”

New York-born artist Liv Hanna has shared a new single called “Back To Hell”. Hanna is a 20-year-old singer-songwriter and recording artist, currently based in Miami, FL. The songbird carries a tool kit laden with emotional angst, fermented in pop, dark pop, and pop-rock sensibilities, and she has been steadily building a versatile discography- bolstered by her latest, “Back To Hell”. An emotive, vulnerable track that touches on mental health issues and isolation atop a tapestry of somber guitars and wistful keys.

“Back To Hell” contains bittersweet instrumentation centred around weaving, ethereal guitar lines that build dynamically beneath Hanna’s smooth, poignant vocals. She delivers hypnotic melodies rising above the mesmerizing guitars, before dropping into an ear-worm chorus that demonstrates her focus as a songwriter.

The single draws on Hanna’s personal experiences and takes a deep dive into topics such as isolation, rejection, and depression. Regarding the track, Hanna says, “[Back To Hell] is about feeling isolated yet somehow finding comfort in your isolation. It’s sometimes easier to stay in that state until you have the energy and support to come back out of it.”

Liv Hanna’s latest “Back To Hell”, continues her run of diverse releases drawing from pop, dark pop, rock, and more. The potent track contains relatable lyricism and sharply-crafted instrumentation that make it engaging from the get-go.

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