WEIRDO confronts the toxicity social media on “FAKIN'” [Video]

Earlier this year, the enigmatic alt-pop savant WEIRDO broke his creative silence with the kaleidoscopic crossover gem, “EUROTRASH,” after some years in relative obscurity. Thankfully, WEIRDO season has persevered through the uncertainty of 2020 and is back in full force, with “FAKIN’,” a veritable treat for both ears and eyes.

In a world in which we often put the best versions of ourselves online, it’s easy to lose yourself in the narcissistic and often subconscious competition of social media validation, and this track perfectly articulates this faux veneer of modernity, and with distinct dark pop flair to boot. He outlines in an email statement, “Fakin’ is a song I wrote about the world we live in, the people that surround us and the complexities of the modern age. I spent way too much time with and around materialistic people who were in denial of it and once I spent some time alone in thinking mode, I realised that honesty seems a thing of the past for many people nowadays…”

Filtered synths and a simple beat lay the foundation for the opening vocal lines to firmly hold your attention with abject ease. The track then quickly unfurls into a poised, and understated anthem, with shimmering chords and lo-fi beats working in perfect synergy with the swaggeringly relaxed vocal melodies.

Filled with feature film calibre shots, tongue-in-cheek humour and eye-popping 3D animations, the video dutifully embellishes the lyrical narrative. Director Lubos Rezler explains in the same statement that, “This short story portrays a dark side of an online influencer. He desires a lot of attention from his followers and people around him. Surrounded by luxury and armored with a bold image, he carefully builds his own fake kingdom full of digital dreams. However, as it turns out, being the most popular person isn’t always the best outcome.”

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