Lucy DK heaves a sigh of relief in “Bye to My Last White Boy”

South East London’s singer Lucy DK shares new single “Bye to My Last White Boy” which sees her teaming up with Andrea Rocha (Ellie Goulding, Griff) who gifts her with a pulsating guitar-driven backdrop that bridges the gap between pop, country and modern contemporary music. Here, Lucy DK reflects on old dating habits and her moving on from doing the same things with renewed clarity for the future. Lcy DK delivers a blend of playfulness and solemnity in her performance as she comes to terms with the situation. It’s far from being rueful but rather, just clearing out the clutter and preparing for a whole new experience.

The comeback single is accompanied by a striking video directed by Sanaa Byfield, set in a dive bar where video effects cleverly bring to life ghosts of the past. The sentiment resonates with Lucy’s Gen-Z audience, with an acoustic clip of the song she performed at SoFar Sounds going viral on TikTok last year.

“Bye to My Last White Boy” is the first single from her long-awaited project.

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