Lyrical genius Wale releases new impactful short film for “Sue Me” [Video]

Wale dropped a new extremely powerful short film to his track “Sue Me” from his album Wow…That’s Crazy. DC’s very own poetic genius and vivid lyricist moves everyone through his artistic take on what a world would be like if racism existed in reverse. 
Wale’s recent album Wow That’s Crazy dropped back in October 11, 2019. However, months later, Wale decided to provide a visual for the standout single  “Sue Me.” Picking the perfect time to drop this visual, the unanticipated release has everyone throughout social media talking about the impactful message this soul-stirring track conveys. 
This latest visual will undoubtedly give you chills. Intelligently filmed by Kerby Jean Raymond, every single scene is guaranteed to break a little piece of your heart by exposing both individual and systematic racism. By choosing the excellent route that Wale did, he triggers many emotions. Attempting to open closed eyes and minds, he wisely shows how clearly visible white privilege is throughout society. He cleverly shows this perspective by provoking certain sensations, showing viewers that too many people don’t know the struggles unless they are in someone else’s shoes. The imagery is also undeniably stimulating throughout the video, showing signs that carry heavy messages like “Don’t Resist The Stop And Frisk,” where we see a white man pressed down to the car having to deal with police brutality instead of it being the other way around. The beautiful lyrics perfectly intertwine with the scenes are the messages. Sue me I’m rooting for everybody black.
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