Macca Wiles’ fusion of trap and grunge is “Outlined” in new single [Video]

Rising British rapper, Macca Wiles releases an electrifying new single “Outlined” – a collage of post-’90s grunge rock with modern trap. 

Produced by Matt Schwartz (Yungblud, M.O., Massive Attack, Halsey) “Outline” brilliantly fuses the manic alt-rock energy of Nirvana with the trap swagger of Migos. The informal verses guide the listener through a vivid storytelling dialogue until the chorus unleashes a dynamic explosion of fervent wails. There’s a masterful sense of restraint and control shown throughout this track. Wiles expertly flips the flow on its head, switching between a faster hip-hop pace and then running it back down to a punk rock style verse that builds up into an emotion-driven chorus. And that abundance of emotion is a key element of this latest self-written track and much of Wiles’ music. Whether or not listeners connect with the specific lyrics of battling addiction, they can inescapably connect with the various feelings that Wiles so passionately expresses.

“Outline” arrives alongside an official music video from LA-based director Jori Teplitzky (Steve Aoki, James Arthur, Cheat Codes). Teplitzky explains: “The video is about trying to run from something that is inevitable. Making this video was an interesting experience. Macca was in the UK and I was here in LA. He and I went back and forth about the look and how he wanted it to feel. He wanted something that felt eerie and almost uncomfortable so we talked about scenes and then built a shot list together remotely.”

Wiles adds, “I wanted to capture the feel of the video in a way that resembles the personal story on the track, you can’t run from the inevitable.” That sense of overcoming the difficult frustrations of self is no easy task for many. Applying these battles with one’s own demons to pen is what separates the honest songwriting from the rest. And what truly connects listeners to artists like Wiles. He continues sharing, “I recorded ‘Outlined’ last year so when I listen back now it gives me chills because of the place I was in at that time, but at the same time ‘Outlined’ to me is a sort of trophy for overcoming that phase in my life.” 

Born in Essex, Wiles endured through his challenging formative years – enduring ridicule from peers and school expulsion. His path and unwavering passion for rap music, eventually led him to Atlanta, GA, and its genre-defining underground music scene. After two years in the South, with a few singles under his belt and even a collaboration with Lil Yachty, Wiles eventually returned home to the UK. Since then, he has used his graphic and vivid life experiences to carve out a place for himself within music that best represents his own unique sonic influences. His overall mission though, Wiles says, is to encourage teens that they’re not alone. “I want to help people. Everyone goes through these things, put your coolness and pride aside for a second, focus on your mental state.”

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