Brinck explores the monotony of daily life on single "Deja Vu"

Los Angeles-based alt-pop artist Brinck drops short but sweet track “Déjà Vu,” tackling the relatable experience of monotony that settled over most of us during the pandemic in the past year. Opening with the quiet strum of acoustic guitar, the carefully layered production moves swiftly into a groovy electro-tinged soundscape made better by the sultry feel of Brinck’s vocals.

The honest offering which draws color from the tough periods in the rising singer’s own life, sweeps outward reflecting the experiences of everyone as the world came to a screeching halt last year. Created in collaboration with producer jD, the track drives home a timely message of “feeling discouraged, yet hopeful,” as the days merge into another one at a strange time in life where every moment feels like a repeat of history.

Padded with lyricism that feels authentic and human as it unravels the complicated dichotomy of hoping to come out of tough times while still feeling stuck in the low moments, the stripped back, hazy offering gives us a glimpse of Brinck’s easy-going sonic vibe. For Brinck, a self-declared hippie who began travelling between Iowa and California with a single-minded focus of following her dreams at the young age of 16, this track which shines a spotlight on the alluring timbre of her vocals, embedded in a catchy instrumental, marks the beginning of her artistic reinvention.

Having developed her songwriting ability over the years by working on her own music and learning from others, this singer-songwriter showcases a natural talent for weaving intriguing tales surrounded by minimalistic productions is grabbing attention for the right reasons from going viral to featuring in top line tracks. Now with this latest offering is looks ready to set off into a new era of artistry that is likely to launch her into a special space of stardom rooted in realism and honesty.

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