Mandi Crimmins searches for peace and acceptance in “LOSE CONTROL”

Los Angeles-based rock artist Mandi Crimmins has always written about raw and vulnerable topics that she experiences in her own life. As she details the hurdles she’s faced in life, she creates deep bonds with her listeners and with her latest single “LOSE CONTROL,” that connection is about to become even stronger. 

The incredibly honest and personal “LOSE CONTROL” sees the songwriter open up about one of the most traumatic experiences in her life. Crimmins confides, “I was groomed and trafficked by someone older who I thought was my friend. It took me nearly 7 years and a lot of therapy to accept that it happened. Because accepting it happened meant accepting that I was never in control and that I was a pawn. I wanted to tell my story publicly without shame, in hopes that it might bring peace, validation, and community to someone who might be struggling with the same thing.”

“LOSE CONTROL” features lyrics from Crimmins own diary entries that she kept during this traumatic period of her life. Oozing with emotion, the potent track showcases a rumbling bassline, grungy guitars and determined drums, delivering a powerful message. Hoping that her music may connect with those who need it the most, Crimmins simultaneously reminds listeners that they are not alone, while taking the next step to healing in her own journey. 

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