juicethedon shares refreshing offering ‘Buy One, Get One Free, Vol. 1’

South Carolina artist juicethedon has shared a new release called Buy One, Get One Free, Vol. 1. Raised in Charleston in a household of musicians, the gifted lyricist built an impressive buzz early on in his hometown through mixtapes like Trials and Tribulations and Evolution. After his last full length album Never Ending Story saw him reaching new heights creatively, Buy One, Get One Free, Vol. 1 finds him continuing his growth, displaying his elaborate flows and ear for smoky, smooth production. 

The first song, “Careful” is a warm, charming offering containing a thought-provoking, immersive instrumental and intricate lyrics. Here, juicethedon presents his characteristically diverse flow and knack for eloquent wordplay. He floats through dynamic, complex verses with ease, coming across as effortless yet never losing presence on the mic. Backed by an airy instrumental centred around smoky keys and organic sounding drums, “Careful” beckons many re-listens. The next cut, “Dark Times” immediately absorbs the listener deeply within its nostalgic atmosphere. Here, juicethedon once again shines lyrically, delivering bar after bar of personal anecdotes bristling with refreshing candidness. Also, the beat on “Dark Times” is stellar, containing mesmerizing vocal samples that drift above minimalistic drums and rich bass. Highly effective in its simplicity, this instrumental is enveloped in an inviting warmth that adds to the track’s replay value.¬†

Opening 2022 on a high note, juicethedon’s Buy One, Get One Free, Vol. 1 presents two poignant tracks that are intriguingly multi-faceted, yet also endearingly effortless. His focused command of the microphone, paired with his sharp ear for immersive, engaging production, make him an artist that will be interesting to watch during this new year.

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