Manny Walters drops rich and soulful track “No Reason”

South Africa-hailing alt-soul act Manny Walters delivers upbeat track “No Reason,” brimming with addictive rhythms and soulful vocals. Led by groovy guitars and catchy beats, the track has been crafted to connect with anyone listening.

Hinged on in his artistic values of authenticity and self-discovery, the passionate number with its rich vocal delivery and anthemic funk-soul-rock instrumentation sees Walters unleash his full musical potential.

Speaking of the track, he says, “Making ‘No Reason’ felt like a focused return back to the source of what got me into music and songwriting.  Connecting authentically with yourself, so you can authentically connect with the world around you.”

With a passion for creative expression through voice and melody, Manny Walters has refined his craft over the years and carved out a distinct niche for himself. From building an ever-evolving discography since 2015 to establishing his sonic prowess in 2017 with his Sofar Cape Town performance, this passionate act continues to enthral listeners worldwide.

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