Baril teases new album with emotive breaks anthem “Feel This Way”

Baril’s debut album, For You, Forever, is a captivating musical journey that showcases the artist’s unique blend of chillwave and electronic influences. Set to be released on June 23rd, the album is being teased through a collection of singles – the latest being the gorgeous, vocal-breaks anthem “Feel This Way”

Drawing inspiration from the likes of Bicep, Caribou, and Four Tet, Baril blurs the lines between dance music and the mainstream, creating a sound that is both accessible and artistically intriguing. On the new single, we hear the talented producer explore old-school breaks sounds with glitches and intricacies throughout. He chops up vocals with incredible skill, which culminates in a lovely breakdown before the track builds with layered synths and a pitched top-line.

With the release of emotionally charged singles like “I Need You,” “Are You With Me,” and “Something,” Baril has already offered listeners a taste of what’s to come. Each single showcases his ability to evoke a range of emotions, from euphoria to introspection, setting the stage for the full album experience.

On his creative thought process behind the album, Baril proclaims:“I wanted to make an album that felt really personal to me. Therefore I really thought about what I find important when listening to electronic music. It had to feel energetic, yet also melancholic. Something you could listen to with your eyes closed on the couch, but also something you could dance to when hearing it live. It had to feel sweet, but also tough. Make you laugh or cry.”

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