Marisa Maino releases dark visuals for “Ever Young”

Rising pop singer Marisa Maino just let go of an incredibly well-done music video. “Ever Young” comes from her recent debut album, Stages of Love & Heartbreak, that features seven angsty pop songs and an incredible display of potential. 

Backed largely by a dramatic piano and bumping synths from Jordan Sapp, Marisa Maino transports the listener to a world of timeless love on “Ever Young.” While discussing a romance that should happen before it’s too late, Maino seems to question the effect that time plays on relationships. She knows that time can be used for or against love, and wants to waste none of it.

Directed by Stephen Kinigopoulos and Alexa Kinigopoulos, the video is set in the 1960s as Maino plays Marilyn Monroe and offers a take on her rumored relationship with President John F. Kennedy. This visuals initially bring the idea of “the good old days” to life before taking a dark turn, where Maino/Monroe ends up dying. It’s a noticeable difference from the more positive song, and this is what makes it stand out. Maino brings the ideas of time and love together, exploring them in two separate ways on the song and video. Maino’s creativity is on full display and will make her an intriguing artist to watch. Check out the “Ever Young” visuals up above. 

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