Mason shares funk rich and unique new album “Chroma Panorama”

Electronic music legend Mason’s fourth album, Chroma Panorama, is a vibrant canvas painted with multi-colored musical strokes, showcasing his two-decade-spanning career’s eclectic journey. Known for his early noughties banger “Exceeder” – the talented producer counts Collaborations with Dragonette, Jack Garrett, Sophie Barker and others, including members of The Gospel House Choir and Girl Ray, add depth and diversity. Mason’s ever-shifting musical palette continues to captivate and challenge both himself and his audience.

Groovy basslines take the spotlight on tracks like, “LET LOVE LEAD THE WAY”, “ONCE MORE” and “STYLE”, seamlessly melding authentic bass tones with synthesisers. The project fearlessly explores various musical genres, embarking on a sonic journey encompassing urban pop, sultry 80s-inspired melodies, indie-infused house beats and soulful downtempo atmospheres. “IT WON’T BE EASY” introduces the House Gospel Choir, bringing vibrant, uplifting production to the forefront, while “SIRENS” transports listeners on a nostalgic trip through funky 80s aesthetics. “MOUNTAIN PEAK” even exudes a tech-house vibe, with spoken word lyrics throughout.

From a childhood TV star to touring with Tiesto as a violinist, Mason’s versatility knows no bounds. He’s crafted chart-toppers, scored for fashion giants like Dior and Hugo Boss, and unleashed countless underground bangers.

Mason says, “Making an album really suits my needs to just create anything I want without being constrained to boundaries, genres or tempo. I love DJ-ing with all my heart, massively, but as a producer to only write music for dancefloors I find a bit limiting. I just like to do more. I’ve been really enjoying diving into the deep end of the song writing process and just going with the flow. I have to say, I’ve been one lucky bastard being able to work with such a talented bunch of artists as I have on this album.” 

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