MAVEE drops engaging new EP ‘Out of Time’

Belgian-Cameroonian artist MAVEE has dropped her eagerly awaited EP, ‘Out Of Time’. Hailing from Brussels, MAVEE’s swift rise is evident with almost 100K Spotify streams and widespread acclaim. Following a string of 2023 singles, the 8-track EP showcases her most emotive work yet.

Teaming up with Dejan “Dejavu,” MAVEE effortlessly blends soulful synth-pop and R&B on the lead track “Selfless.” Her velvety vocals dance above deep bass, synths, and tight beats, creating an irresistibly infectious sound.

MAVEE takes the reins, not just directing but contributing to songwriting, melodies, and production. The EP’s artwork mirrors the music’s essence, aligning with her artistic vision. Stepping into a new creative phase, MAVEE choreographs live shows and collaborates on arrangements with her band, showcasing her multifaceted talent. The EP revolves around post-breakup reminiscence and newfound confidence, offering a relatable musical journey. MAVEE aptly notes, “Dealing with a break-up is a process that can take a lot of time, but eventually, you run out of time and you move on.”

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