Meet M Dot Taylor: The soul behind “Biggest Fan”

Detroit-bred, Los Angeles-based rapper, singer, songwriter, and military veteran M Dot Taylor embodies the resilience, talent and undying spirit that often comes to life on the streets of Detroit.

The tenacious talent who is about to release his latest track, “Biggest Fan,” looks back at his life’s hustle and journey. Speaking of his experience growing up in Detroit, he says, “Being from Detroit, I was blessed with the opportunity of being raised by stand-up hustlers.These hustlers, working in below-zero temperatures, instilled in him a valuable lesson: “If you don’t work, you don’t eat, you don’t grind, you don’t shine.”

Taylor who was shaped by the influence of his parents, grandparents, and industry legends, reflects on his inspirations, “They always kept it a buck with me and prepared me at a very young age to be a leader.”

His family’s teachings combined with mentoring he received from industry giants like Ice T, Dr. Dre, and his manager Hen Gee became the transformative experience that helped his soar ahead in his musical career.

Meanwhile, his time in the Navy further added to his character. He admits, “Serving in the Navy made me the person I am today because it gave me an incredible sense of time management and organization.”

While the positives have influenced him, the hardships in life have empowered Taylor equally. Losing both parents, his mother to AIDS in 1999 and his father in 2010 saw him turn to music as much more than a passion, finding healing from the profound pain. He says, “It offered me a safe space to talk about things that were hard for me to discuss with others, and it helped me heal.”

With his latest single “Biggest Fan,” a collaboration with Zaytoven, Taylor brings all his life experiences together to deliver a heartfelt message that “it’s okay to spoil the ones that adore you the most.”

An anthem about paying forward kindness, the track is accompanied by a music video. capturing the essence of New York. Speaking of the visuals by Will C of Street Heat, which reflects authentic New York vibes, from bodegas to neighbourhood front porches, he says,.”The best memory I have from the video shoot is just looking around and watching everyone have a good time. There were kids there, beautiful ladies, a lot of good energy.”

With his aspirations set on evolution of all kinds whether it be in sonics or blossoming into a better version of himself each and every day, M Dot Taylor is a force to be reckoned with.

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