Telling Secrets Unleashes The Pivotal “Fall Behind”

Led by nomadic musical virtuoso Vik Kovacs, Telling Secrets is gearing up for a seismic impact with their latest single, “Fall Behind.” The track is a harmonious blend of thrashing drums and unforgiving guitars, which signifies a pivotal moment for the band in their journey through the modern rock landscape.

“Fall Behind” has a rich history, dating back to before the inception of Telling Secrets. Kovacs describes it as one of his most accomplished lyrical works after undergoing various demo stages and re-recordings.

Vik Kovacs is a Budapest-born artist with a diverse musical background shaped by his experiences across the UK and Los Angeles, and he infuses Telling Secrets’ sound with a unique, multi-faceted quality. The track delves into themes of change and frustration, drawing from Kovacs’ personal journey of relocating across the world.

Rooted in technically challenging guitar solos, Kovacs’ musical roots have evolved to encompass songwriting, vocal performance, and music production. Telling Secrets’ success story faced hurdles, with Kovacs struggling to find like-minded musicians until he connected with Matt McAndrew, a pivotal figure in Kovacs’ transformation into a vocalist.

“Fall Behind” offers a sneak peek into Telling Secrets’ upcoming full-length LP, set to release in early 2024. With a music video collaboration with Industrial Films and vocal engineering by Rachel Blum, known for her work with Christina Aguilera and Hozier, the band aims to redefine the modern rock genre and attract attention from indie record labels. Backed by a burgeoning online presence and the powerful resonance of “Fall Behind,” Telling Secrets is poised for undeniable success.

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