MELT Festival completes lineup with Overmono, DJ Heartstring, DJRum & more

Germany’s beacon of musical diversity, MELT Festival, has just unveiled its latest lineup additions, promising an eclectic mix of sounds to captivate audiences from July 11th to 13th, 2024, at Ferropolis in Gräfenhainichen. Breaking barriers and defying genre norms, MELT continues its tradition of curating a lineup that celebrates the kaleidoscope of musical expression.

Among the newly announced acts are Chase and Status, Overmono, DJ Heartstring, Marlon Hoffstadt, and ANOTR, each bringing their unique flavor to the festival’s sonic landscape. DJ Heartstring, known for his infectious beats and innovative mixes, promises to keep the dance floor pulsating with energy. Meanwhile, Marlon Hoffstadt’s melodic house tunes will transport listeners on a euphoric journey, while ANOTR’s dynamic blend of house and techno is guaranteed to ignite the crowd.

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But MELT doesn’t stop there. The festival goes beyond the confines of electronic music, welcoming artists like Yussef Dayes and Sugababes to the stage. With Yussef Dayes’ genre-bending fusion of jazz, funk, and electronic elements, and Sugababes’ infectious pop melodies, attendees can expect a truly diverse and immersive musical experience.

From the underground beats of DJ Swagger and the Program Jazz Busters to the ethereal sounds of Eartheater, MELT Festival promises something for every musical palate. As festival director Florian Czok aptly puts it, “MELT is not just a festival; it’s a celebration of music in all its forms.”

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