Mike Montrey Band drops soul-searching album ‘Searching For My Soul’

New Jersey six-piece act Mike Montrey Band drop seven-track album Searching For My Soul, perfectly encapsulating their well-honed Americana, neo-soul, and rock ‘n roll-infused signature framed by an ever-evolving musicality.

The album moves journeys through the past, present and potential future spanning the longing sensibilities of “I Can’t Wait Any Longer,” to the vibrant pop-rock feels of “So Long City of Angels,” punctuated by introspection, ferocity and nostalgia, a full spectrum of emotions carried by powerful soundscapes.

Led by singer, songwriter, and guitarist Mike Montrey alongside two-time Grammy winner Marc Swersky, the collection is stocked full of versatility whether on anthemic “Listen to Me Roar,” passionate, mid-tempo number “Reno,” acoustic-led “Searching for the Sun,” ballad style “Held on to You” or optimistic “Blue Skies Again.”

Showcasing a passionate artistry built over more than a decade, Searching For My Soul is rooted in looking back and moving back simultaneously, brimming with references to locales that Montrey has traveled to or performed in, balanced out by a penchant for bringing fresh, dynamic sonic twists to a sound that has already developing a cult following.

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