Miller Blue looks inwards for new single “Me Myself & I”

Following his critically acclaimed Sunflower EP that released last year, Miller Blue returns rejuvenated after a brief hiatus with new single “Me Myself & I”. It marks the first glimpse into his upcoming project The Tree Of Teneré.

Co-produced by Ahwlee, Miller Blue’s “Me Myself & I” is a reflective and resonating offering that sees Blue explore and assess his personal situation during the lockdown induced, self isolation. “This one came during a period of intense isolation,” Miller explains. “Being forced to stay inside and away from others was a struggle for me in many ways but ultimately helped pave the way towards a deeper stint of self exploration in a way I’d never experienced before. This song discusses some of these observations made about both myself and the world during this time.”

The new single sees Miller deliver his signature, raw lyrics that roll over dreamy soundscapes with a jazz infused saxophone taking centre stage whilst grooving drums weave amongst bluesy melodies. The accompanying video compliments Miller’s personal narrative, showing two versions of a male character’s mind that represents both the human spirit and its darker side conflicting during lockdown. One being conscious and the other unconscious we see the male protagonist confront his struggles head on. Miller describes the video as “embodying the mental pitfalls of humanity through his physicality… we watch him battle his way through his mind until he reaches a state of serenity and overcomes his inner struggle, bringing back his joyous state to the surface”.

The first instalment to his forthcoming project The Tree Of Teneré out later this year, “Me Myself & I”  kickstarts Miller Blue’s fresh slew of material that reflects the continuous and rapid changes currently experienced across the globe, offering an olive branch to those navigating through the new reality we face. With previous backing from BBC Radio 1 and 1 Xtra tastemakers including DJ Target, Huw Stephens, Phil Taggart and Jamz Supernova, Miller’s new journey through self-discovery and self-love is destined for similar praise in what may be some of his finest work yet.

Miller Blue “Me Myself & I” is out now, buy / stream here

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