Moritz shares joyful summer anthem “Don’t Make Me Go Wrong”

Moritz, a creative based in Berlin, has released an uplifting single titled “Don’t Make Me Go Wrong“, showcasing his talent as a singer, songwriter, and musician. The track features a variety of vocal tones, and includes solos on both guitar and organ. Moritz creates an ethereal atmosphere for his listeners, evoking a sense of dreaminess and carefree bliss. The music video for the single, shot in a VHS style and featuring footage of Moritz in picturesque countryside settings and on holiday, transports us to idyllic landscapes paired with the sound.

Described as the ‘Gen-Z version of mid-90’s Beck,’ Moritz opens the track with lightly strummed electric guitar and falsetto vocals, before hip-hop drums enter the space, carrying the dreamy vibe with an edgy undertone. Moritz’s rap-like verses later in the track are well-matched to the beat, a captivating listening experience.

Speaking on his new single, Moritz explains, “I remember writing this song at a moment I was just grateful for the life I was living, hence the happy character. Life was so good that I felt like my relationship could change that and mislead me on my way to my personal goals. Looking back at it now, I’ve learned to trust my gut. Let yourself go, everything is part of the process.”

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