Tropic drops feel-good anthem “Missing U”

Tropic, an electrifying Electro-R&B duo, has unveiled their latest musical masterpiece, “Missing U,” balanced to be the anthem of the summer. This irresistible track radiates warmth, empowerment, and the sweet liberation of leaving toxic love behind.

Set against a backdrop of tropical rhythms, sparkling harmonies, and sunkissed chords, “Missing U” is a sonic journey that captures the essence of summer in every note. Tropic’s signature blend of sultry vocals and infectious melodies comes to life as they celebrate the joy of breaking free from a suffocating relationship.

The song’s poignant lyrics delve deep into the emotional rollercoaster of heartache and healing, resonating with anyone who has ever struggled to find their self-worth. Through “Missing U,” Tropic takes listeners on a powerful journey of self-discovery, reminding us all that we are deserving of love and happiness.

“Missing U” is the second single from Tropic’s highly anticipated upcoming EP, which promises to be a bold exploration and celebration of the queer experience. Through their music, Tropic fearlessly champions diversity, love, and self-acceptance, creating a space for all to thrive and be heard.

The duo’s lush production and soulful delivery are captivating, making “Missing U” a must-add to your summer playlist. Whether dancing on the beach or reminiscing about a past love, this track is the perfect soundtrack to your sun-drenched days.

Tropic continues to push boundaries and redefine the R&B genre, infusing it with their unique perspective and unwavering commitment to authenticity. “Missing U” embodies their evolution, culminating in their dedication to crafting music that resonates with the soul. With this track, Tropic solidifies their place as one of the music industry’s most exciting and innovative acts.

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