Murielle finds the strength in being vulnerable on “Call Me One More Time”

Born in Belgium to Congolese parents and growing up in a handful of unique places from the DMV, to London, to the suburbs of Minnesota – Murielle is an artist whose unique background and identity are rooted in the sonics of her music. The singer-songwriter’s latest single “Call Me One More Time” is shaped and influenced by the music she grew up listening to – including Congolese gospel, Rumba, Opera, and 90s/early 2000s R&B and pop. 

Murielle is now based in New York and all the soundscapes and sounds that were a part of her childhood and upbringing, continue to shape the growth and evolution in her artistry. Last spring (2019) Murielle released her first single Can you Get Me High? and later in the fall released her follow-up single Felt Cute (Might Delete Later). In both songs, Murielle doesn’t shy away from talking about personal experiences, crafting stories and being as honest as possible. If anything, it’s her honesty and unique sonic mastery that makes her an exciting pop act. 

“Call Me One More Time” was written by Murielle and Khaya Cohen (Moon Kissed) and produced by Cohen. The song is an exploration of that first time that Murielle decided to allow herself to feel and just go for it romantically. It’s hard to surrender to love or to have someone see you in all your vulnerability. Murielle finds the strength to feel, to let go, and just be – even if it will only be for a moment or just ‘one more time’. 

The track has a unique sonic escalation. After the first verse, and right before the chorus, we hear some of the most breathtaking layered harmonies. It’s as if Murielle is taking deep breaths before she allows herself to let go – similar layered harmonies only return at the very end of the song, surrendering.  

The production throughout the song journeys alongside the lyrics and the story as they both unfold simultaneously, including traditional R&B vocals matched perfectly with underlying electronic elements. “Call Me One More Time” is a distinct pop song through and through. It’s exciting to see Murielle’s journey unfold, as she carves out her own unique lane in pop music. 

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Photo Credit: Lottie Abrahams