[Music Video] Cleo Alexandra shares captivating production “Cigarette Lover”

Australian rising star Cleo Alexandra shares captivating production “Cigarette Lover,” rooted in her signature blend of raw realism and rocking ferocity. With a sultry yet bold sound that transforms lush melodies into powerful soundscapes, Alexandra’s soaring vocals float over hypnotic beats to tap into a liberating creative experience.

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The alluring anthem is accompanied by creative visuals crafted with Kaiber AI, weaving a vivid storyline of a murderous villain known as the Cigarette Lover who is on the run from the police after escaping from prison.

Delivering cathartic yet tongue-in-cheek narrative of “being in your villain era” as you push forward and away from a toxic relationship, the empowering offering is elevated by the flashy and vibrant music video, encapsulating the futuristic, AI-led era in music.

A fearless talent who entices us with her fresh, boundary-pushing take on dark glamour, Cleo Alexandra consistently sets the pop music scene alight.

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