[Music Video Premiere] Earthsea share thought-provoking music video for “Four More Years”

British alt-rock act Earthsea share a thought-provoking music video from equally strong and thoughtful single “Four More Years,” which tackles climate oblivion and the geopolitical chaos that we find ourselves in.

[embedded content]

The visuals, directed and produced by London-based filmmaker Joe Peecock, features vibrant yet powerful visuals, that pull in viewers with its 1960s-influenced colourful style while also inviting them to reflect upon their role within society and the destruction inflicted by humans.

With a soundscape built on intricate guitars, groovy bass and disjointed touches of synth, the track offers up a spacious yet complicated melody, elevated by a haunting vocal line that results in a listening experience that’s captivating yet laced with a sense of unease.

Balancing anger with catharsis, the track came to life around the 2016/17 US election cycle, with the band say, “‘Four More Years’ is our fantasy plan to deal with a barely believable but in no way fantastic man.His bloated ego trumping the lives and wellbeing of people all over the world. The video we shot opens this out, against the backdrop of climate oblivion and the geopolitical chaos we face as we go into the 2020s.”

Having honed an artistry built on textural soundscapes, salsa grooves and haunting melodies, the band who already have two nationwide tours under their belt continue to expand upon their anthemic yet introspective artistry as they work on their first full length release.

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