Erin & The Wildfire explores intimacy and sensuality on “Lightning So Blue”

Indie pop act Erin & The Wildfire seamlessly fuses dance rhythm with an intimate and sensual message in “Lightning So Blue,” expertly capturing the feelings of raw honesty and trust by exploring intimacy with an avant-garde approach.

Sensual and mysterious yet danceable and fun, the track is rooted in poetic and powerful song writing. With hints of R&B, “Lightning So Blue” ties deep, melodic bass to a vibrant chorus in a way that reflects the message and theme of the song while providing a blissful and memorable sonic experience.

An inspirational and thought-provoking anthem crafted to encourage women to feel good in their sexuality and confident in their ability to talk openly about pleasure, the track serves as a reminder that we are in control of our own bodies and can feel confident standing in our own pleasure

Expanding on the song’s prowess, vocalist Erin Lunsford adds that the song “is about being honest and trusting in intimacy. When I sing ‘lightning so blue behind my eyes,’ it’s describing how your vision blurs during orgasm. It’s weird that talking about orgasm can feel taboo for women, but understandable when there’s an ongoing historical effort by lawmakers to limit women’s bodily autonomy.”

A tight-knit musical unit with the ability to blend pop, funk, and indie sound, Erin & The Wildfire have sculpted a reputation for both their dynamic and approachable vibe as well as their profound, introspective themes.

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