Naomi Cheyanne has had enough of the "Mr. Selfish" tag

 Long Beach, CA-raised singer/songwriter Naomi Cheyanne puts her foot down literally on her new single "Mr. Selfish." The Daniel Robert produced record is a mix of soft pop elements with trap drum grooves personifying masculine energy from the perspective of a woman. Cheyanne delivers an emotional performance sprinkled with a dash of autotune effect as the track vividly breaks down the wrongdoings of her soon-to-be ex. It's a situation we all can relate to where one party is playing mind games in order to keep a hold on the other's feelings, in this case, Cheyanne has had enough and has taken control of the narrative. In a nutshell, "Mr. Selfish" is Cheyanne's take on female empowerment and the need for self-worth in one's relationship.

Naomi Cheyanne is an indie singer/songwriter who has written for a number of fellow independent artists. As a child, she ventured into music and by taking elements from the different genres she grew up on, she has been able to find her voice and direction as an artist. "Mr. Selfish" is one of her newest releases and no full-length project has been attached to it.

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