Natalie Saint-Martin will make your “Heart Stop” with new single

Atlanta born and Los Angeles bred indie pop singer/songwriter Natalie Saint-Martin has just unleashed her latest enthralling musical release. Entitled “Heart Stop”, the artist worked with a powerhouse creative team including producer David Holman (No Doubt, Bush) and engineer John Greenham (Billie Eilish, Bo Burnham, Nessa Barrett) to create a memorable and important song.

With “Heart Stop”, Natalie Saint-Martin has penned a track all about the intricacies of love, romantic relationships and intoxication. Desire can often be our most important catalyst for self discovery and change and with her new single, the artist explores these concepts as well as the complexities of reciprocity in relationships. Lyrics showing this include, “100 different places / we manipulate the feeling / do you want what’s easy / or want to feel your heart stop?” Musically, “Heart Stop” is a emotionally layered and sonically whimsical number highlighting playful piano and driving drums beats mimicking a steady heartbeat. Natalie’s evocative and intoxicating vocals sing mood-drench and haunting melodies mirroring the song’s reletable narrative.

Natalie Saint-Martin began expressing herself by writing poetry in her younger years. Soon she found music as an outlet and the rest is history. The artist writes autobiographical narratives as well as songs about the various people she meets along the way, being constantly curious about all things weird. Take a listen to “Heart Stop” now and remember music is healing.

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