Nick Marks returns with a synth-soul spectacle, “Cinematic Chromatics Vol. II”

Nick Marks, a versatile musician known for blending funk, soul, hip-hop, and jazz with cinematic elements, has finally delivers his highly anticipated follow-up to his debut EP. The wait is over, and ‘Cinematic Chromatics Vol. II’ is now available, promising a unique auditory experience that you won’t want to miss.

From the vibrant music scenes of New York to his work in concert music and film scoring, Marks draws inspiration to create a fusion that is both familiar and innovative. The standout track, ‘Keep Goin’ Gotta Keep Up (feat. Doron Lev),’ is a perfect example of this unique blend, fusing jazzy hip-hop with summer vibes, G-funk-inspired synths, catchy hooks, and slick horn lines.

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With “Cinematic Chromatics Vol. II,” Marks seamlessly bridges the concert and underground music scenes, showcasing his ability to inhabit both worlds. Following the success of his debut EP, which received accolades as “an immersive journey through an eclectic soundscape,” Marks continues to push the boundaries of genre-blending and cinematic music production.

Having garnered over 500,000 streams and YouTube views since his independent debut in February 2023, Nick Marks has firmly established himself as a noteworthy musical talent. “Cinematic Chromatics Vol. II” is a compelling listen, reflecting Marks’ genre-defying approach and cinematic sensibilities.

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