Nicolas Michaux shares empowering track “She’s an Easy Rider”

Belgian singer Nicolas Michaux shares his take on a Tucker Zimmerman classic with new single “She’s an Easy Rider,” offering a tribute to women and empowering the need for them to lively freely and on their own terms.

The track is accompanied by cinematic video directed by Kevin Antoine unveiling a narrative with emotive yet powerful scenes. Complimenting the grandeur and elegance of the folk-tinged indie ballad with vivid visuals, the offering makes for an audio-visual marvel.

Speaking of the track, he says, “I see this single as a tribute to the women in my life and women in general. I am convinced of the profound necessity for them to live freely now, they who have lived within constraints and whose bodies have been controlled by the opposite sex for so long. ‘Father don’t deny your daughter her own highway’ is a phrase that resonates strongly with me, it’s almost like a mantra that I try to keep as a guiding principle in my role as a father.”

With an alluring artistry that has earned him acclaim, Michaux’s ability to take a cult number and transform it with his unique sonic touch continues to set him on an upward trajectory.

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