Nilo Blues shares sultry ballad “She Like It”

Dynamic vocalist Nilo Blues has just unveiled his new single “She Like It,” a smooth trap crossover that questions themes of misogyny in modern hip-hop.

This recent effort comes after Nilo’s stunning debut single “No Risk Involved” and the neo noir follow up “Akira Harakiri.” It also comes with an accompanying music video showcasing the wordsmith lounging and recording in the comfort of his 0wn home. This hot batch of hip-hop and R&B songs is leading up to Nilo Blues’ debut self titled EP slated for release later this year. The release will likely be a highly anticipated one for the alternative hip-hop wave that’s currently gaining momentum, though this new track is a promising taste of what the young artist has to offer.

“She Like It” comes with a warm, danceable instrumental that lays a perfect pace for Nilo’s melodic hooks and raps. There’s a nice balance of warm synth chords and sharp trap drums here that can host multiple moods and approaches. One can daydream to the shimmering pulses of the keys or move to the bouncing beat. On the vocal side of things, Nilo once again is able to bring a dreamy hook and match it with an off the wall rap verse. His vocal versatility brings the tempo and engagement of a rap group, despite being just a single person with a plethora of ideas and deliveries. Nilo’s lyrics are potent here too, as he questions how the women subjects of so many trap songs feel about their treatment and agency.

“She Like It” is a fun and thoughtful hip-hop crossover that is an excellent addition to the rising trend of trap soul fusion. It delivers on multiple musical and conceptual levels, upholding Nilo Blues’ very apparent ability to explode on anything he puts out.

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