Nxdia feels stuck ‘in the flesh’ in their introspective new EP

Hailing from Egypt, the now UK-born artist Nxdia hopes that their new EP will help get their thoughts out of their head and into the world. in the flesh narrates the songwriter’s struggles of constantly feeling trapped inside their mind, unable to fulfill the things they want to say and do, because they talk themselves out of it. This honest, vulnerable, and introspective release is certain to connect with listeners through its relatable lyrics and raw and real delivery.

“decay” touches on the dark reality of living in an environment where our quality of life is hindered by the actions of others. Nxdia shares, “’decay’ was written because I was angry and broke. I was angry at the cost of living and the conditions we have to live in. At the time I was exhausted, trying to figure out some funding issues, and annoyed at the place I was in life, mentally, at the time.”

“tricky conversations” and “both hands up” show Nxdia owning up to not taking responsibility for your actions whilst simultaneously being annoyed at other people who do the same thing. The songwriter suggests that if we were more in touch with our feelings and emotions, we may be able to remedy these situations. 

Glistening with an amalgam of electronic synths, pulsating drums, and grungy guitars, Nxdia has concocted a unique sound, where their soulful, moody vocals and storytelling lyricism suck you in. As we crawl inside their skin, in the flesh gives us a first-hand, close-up look at who Nxdia is.

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