Dream-pop duo High Jump share the ethereal “Tide Away”

London dream-pop duo High Jump have unveiled their latest single, “Tide Away,” featuring the soulful vocals of Jamie Maier, out now via Tip Top Recordings. This track is a glimpse into their much-anticipated debut EP, showcasing the duo’s evolution in the electronic dream-pop genre. Comprising Harry Martin and Rick Holland, High Jump crafts atmospheric soundscapes through guitar and synth jams that organically blossom into mesmerising tracks, blending hypnotic beats and ethereal production.

Mixed by Max Cooke, “Tide Away” marks a departure from their previous singles, embracing a more textured and emotive approach while retaining the downtempo undertones. Jamie Maier’s soulful vocals add depth, intertwining seamlessly with muted beats and bright, jangling guitar tones, creating a lush sonic landscape.

The genesis of the new single traces back to Harry’s piano sessions inspired by artists like Frank Ocean and James Blake. The song was conceived with a first-person narrative, evolving with fingerpicked guitars, a moody backbeat, and Jamie’s soaring vocal. Lyrically, the track explores themes of over-nostalgia and reconciling childhood perspectives with adult realities, drawing parallels with their earlier single,”CLIIAL.”

High Jump gained recognition with debut singles “M2K” and “CLIIAL” in 2023, receiving support from Spotify’s ‘Fresh Finds’ and various outlets. “Tide Away” is a tantalising preview of their forthcoming EP, promising a wonderful 2024.

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