ONE OK ROCK team up with Monster Hunter game for “Make It Out Alive” [Video]

Global sensation and Japanese musical collective ONE OK ROCK have just shared an explosive new rock single and dynamic music video. Entitled “Make It Out Alive”, the four-piece have collaborated with Niantic and their upcoming augmented reality world smartphone game Monster Hunter Now for their new music video.

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With “Make It Out Alive”, ONE OK ROCK writes a song all about overcoming life’s challenges. Lyrics including, “Won’t give up the fight / Make it out alive / Gotta face, gotta face the unknown / It’s the only way to live / I’m ready to go, ready to go, ready to go / Somewhere I’ve never been,” show that the band understands the importance of facing one’s fears and accepting changes as well as the unknown to survive and thrive in life. Musically, “Make It Out Alive” thrills with intensely thrashing gritt-laced guitars, emo rock vocals and soaring melodies. An anthemic and furiously passionate chorus entices the listener with every note. The accompanying music video is in celebration of the upcoming release of the Monster Hunter Now game set to unveil September 14th. The music video is a fusion of real and digital worlds and features a hunter running through the streets of Tokyo to track the monster Diablos which is also featured in the upcoming smartphone game. The interactive game brings this thrilling experience to the streets, parts and neighborhoods around the world.

ONE OK ROCK began sharing music in 2007. Their striking emo infused rock releases and riveting live performances have catapulted the band to massive success. Performing arena tours in Japan and joining Muse for dates in the U.S. and Europe, ONE OK ROCK are one of the most successful rock bands to come out of Asia in quite some time. Check out “Make It Alive” now and download the upcoming gripping game Monster Hunter Now.