Park Days delivers the bright and dreamy “Down and Out”

Sam Thrussell, a musician hailing from Brighton and a member of the band Dutch Criminal Record, has revealed his fresh solo endeavor, Park Days, by dropping his first single “Down and Out.” The single was composed in August last year and is influenced by Nick Drake‘s guitar tuning, with a breezy landscape made up of vivid, clinking guitars, a softly oscillating rhythm, compelling bass, and delicate synths.

Despite its buoyant sound, the lyrics delve into introspective and mournful subjects of coping with loss, making the track both elevating and cathartic. The vocals are confined and lightly distorted, floating above the landscape, evocative of The Strokes and Blur‘s indie-pop style.

Sam clarifies that “Down and Out” initially started as an unplugged song about processing loss, which he later transformed into a complete-band composition with electric guitar, organ, and miniature pianos, giving a nod to the impact of Pet Sounds. The song was recorded in a day at Ford Lane, with Rob Quickenden adding his own expertise to the production.

Sam has enjoyed significant achievements with Dutch Criminal Record, including sold-out tours across the UK and Europe, national airplay on BBC Radio 1 and BBC Radio 6 Music, and more. His debut single with Park Days, “Down And Out,” displays his skill for creating influential and poignant indie-pop songs that are both innovatively new and familiar simultaneously.

Park Days’ debut single is a promising start for the new solo venture, and admirers of Dutch Criminal Record can anticipate more exhilarating material from Sam as he explores a new creative path with his solo work.

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