Peyton Shay shares hauntingly intense single “Twisted Saint”

Peyton Shay dropped a new track called ‘Twisted Saint’ that dives into a messy relationship situation. It’s the lead single off her upcoming EP that has a total of 5 jams. ‘Twisted Saint’ finds Peyton candidly opening up about how even when you know a relationship is toxic, it can be so hard to walk away, and the song features her powerful pipes and dynamic instrumentation that really elevates the listener.

‘Twisted Saint’ was produced by acclaimed beatmaker Adam Castilla and then finely tuned by mixing engineer Joe Laporta who is known for bringing tracks to the next level sonically. The rest of the EP contains 4 other personal cuts Savior Complex, Chapstick, Daydream Police, and Dashboard Lights.

Peyton has a gift for storytelling through the lens of her music. Twisted Saint spotlights her ability flawlessly. It explores the complexity of clinging to a relationship that, deep down, you’re aware isn’t healthy or serving you. The song is now available on all major streaming platforms if you want to have a listen.

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