Plus Size Models blows the roof off in ‘Home Grown’ EP

Detroit’s Plus Size Models has joined DJ Godfather’s Databass label to release a new four-track EP. From a fresh take on the Jit sound to ghettotech with a twist, Chris Sutton’s latest body of work consists of high-intensity, club-focused burners only.

Opening track “Fort Street Jit” is, simply put, just under five minutes of madness. Thundering breaks and a relentless bassline combined with the repetitive, robotic “bounce” vocals and choppy percussion make this one suitable for one place only — no prizes for guessing where that is. These are the sort of tracks we need to keep us ticking over; it’s too fun not to dance to. “Cork Town” follows with an abundance of chaotic energy, harnessed in a masterful way. With a bassline booming at ten to the dozen and frantic melodies layered in, “Cork Town” is wholly unique in its sound. Two tracks in and this EP has already sky-rocketed Plus Size Models up the list of producers to listen out for. If full-throttle Detroit bangers are what you’re after, you needn’t look any further.

Things take a darker turn in the second half of the EP, bringing two cuts of what can only be described as techno-infused ghettotech. “Slipping” begins with the ball firmly in the techno court, before spiralling into a plethora of breaks and bass. Gloomy synths keep the techno edge present throughout, whilst choppy vocals are sprinkled over to keep things bouncy. It’s a million miles away from the first two tracks, further showcasing Sutton’s range. Closing track “The Jam” is exactly what it says on the jar — a jam. A wholly fun way to round off the EP, this one is 100% feel good dance music; if it doesn’t have you dancing round the kitchen, you must have the wrong tune playing. Muffled vocals over booty-shaking melodies and fierce percussion give “The Jam” all the edge it needs to stand out. 

Home Grown can be streamed via Spotify and purchased via Beatport.

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