Prismia dives into keeping up appearances on “Don’t Look!”

Seattle-based alt-rock talent Prismia shares hard-hitting single “Don’t Look!,” centring around the idea of keeping up appearances and not wanting to look ‘messy’ during trying times. Rooted in the  societal pressures to portray a “perfect” version of themselves, the track gives us a peek into a world of uncomfortable vulnerability with sensitivity.

Built on layers of distorted guitar lines, impactful drum beats and piercing synths, the track encapsulates a signature punk-infused musicality that soars intensely in a sonic mirroring of frustration and growing angst, before closing off with a powerful violin solo.

With a chaotic yet careful touch, the track is a continuation of the expansive rock sound that by songwriter, producer, drummer and lead vocalist Anna Mariko Seymour has cultivated under the moniker of Prismia since her debut in 2021, as she continues to build towards a stellar year in her musical journey.

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