Tamara Kramar shares observational production “Mother Nature”

Rising Slovakia-born, Brighton-based singer-songwriter Tamara Kramar returns with her unique brand of cheeky wistfulness on “Mother Nature,” which allows her elegant vocals to shine over layers of bright guitar rhythm, gorgeous piano, sleek bass grooves and a laid-back drum pattern.

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Rooted in witty yet relatable lyricism that shines with her personality, the track taps into Kramar’s observations of those around her and of herself Speaking of the track, she says, “We live in a funny time where it seems to be normal to wake up early just to stay on our phones for two hours.. I think about how weird we are as humans a lot so I wrote a song about it!”

A talent who has been making waves for her enticing brand of jazz-tinged soul-pop musicality, Kramar turns up the anticipation for what’s to come as she delivers the first glimpse of her upcoming sophomore EP.

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