Prple shares conflicting emotions on new single “Love Trap”

Taken from her forthcoming EP, rising artist Prple delivers new single “Love Trap” that battles between a desired love and knowing better. 

Giving a taste of the uncomfortable yet resonating situations we can often find ourselves in romantic relationships, Prple perfectly depicts what it’s like to try and get a hold on emotions surrounding desired love but also knowing yourself enough to know that you deserve better, and finding the strength to manage that.  The ultimate “Love Trap”,  Prple graces the track with her buttery smooth vocals that glide across a new-skool, trap-meets-R&B melody that floats and contrasts between the two states of mind.

Sitting in the realms of SZA and Don Toliver, Prple describes her storytelling powered by co-producer 5five2 who articulate exactly that, “Falling in love is easy, turning away from love is hard. Despite my desires for love, through a passionately conflicting relationship, I made a decision to choose myself regardless of how deeply I wanted to stay. Either side of the *stay or leave* decision, I was left feeling trapped; either trapped in a relationship knowing I deserve better or trapped as a single woman knowing I still love someone that isn’t right for me.”

Extremely in touch with her emotions, Prple’s artistic expression allows her to embrace and showcase the complex emotions that her listeners might also feel but can’t find the words or the confidence to express. Prple’s music is almost a healing and therapeutic mechanism to allow listeners to tap in and embrace the same emotions Prple is sharing. As she once described from a mood ring booklet from back in the day, her music embodies what the soul has been yearning for. It brings words and meaning to those who find it too difficult to label.

Prple leaves us with food for thought. Don’t get comfortable and question the courage and commitment required to live life to the fullest, knowing that tomorrow is never guaranteed.

Prple – “Love Trap” is out now. Connect with Prple: Instagram | Soundcloud