R E L shares vulnerable and touching “Crying in MacArthur” [Video]

“EVOCAPOP” goddess R E L has just shared her latest irresistible single. Entitled “Crying in MacArthur”, the acoustic pop gem is shared alongside a simple yet emotional music video. The song is the highlight of the artist’s latest EP R E L in the meantime which is a stripped down gorgeous four song collection.

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With “Crying in MacArthur”, R E L sings all about heartbreak, memories and intense emotional feelings. The lover’s hold on her is all consuming but she knows something is a miss. She sings, “So what you want to say / Come on and hit it with me baby / I never want to be saved / But I am crying in MacArthur / Cause My tears make waves / Any my reflection in the lake”. Vivid lyrical imagery of both her pain as well as the city of Los Angeles’ various landmarks, evoke a strong listener response. Musically, “Crying in MacArthur” entices with soul-baring vocals, haunting melodies and bittersweet acoustic guitar. Stripped down percussion and a lush chorus that is inviting and cathartic are hallmarks of this alluring song. The music video is deeply vulnerable with the artist laying on the grass, exposed and singing into the camera. The video is the perfect accompaniment to the song’s thoughtful narrative.

R E L has made waves with her unique musical blend. An important songwriter who oozes a genuine authenticity, she has cultivated a dedicated fanbase. Take a listen to her new song now and enjoy the sonic bliss.

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