Christian Leave explores  power imbalances on ‘Superstar’

 Viral Vine sensation and indie pop talent Christian Leave delivers an exploration of  power imbalances and “finding your people,” on new EP Superstar, stocked with his honest lyricism, soothing vocal lines accompanied by gentle instrumentation.

From the guitar-led warmth of title track to the soaring vocal delivery of “Why Not,” the EP switches gears on the distorted, hazy feels of “Coming In.” Switching back to the soft lulling vibe of the project on “Ain’t No Reason,” with choral touches fading into the acoustic nuances of final track “Pull,” we’re offered five comforting tracks rooted in an airy yet powerful artistry.

Christian Akridge turned to the web as a pre-teen finding a space for himself with niche Internet fame before transitioning into music in 2015. Continuing his upward trajectory and blossoming under his sonic identity, this rising artist leaves you wanting more his stripped back yet ethereal bedroom pop melodies.

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