Rapta weathers uncertainty on “Seasick”

The past few years have seen rap artist, vocalist, and Boston-native Rapta undergo a transformation from a burgeoning newcomer still understanding the potential of his sound and evolving into an artist confident in his songwriting ability and distinct creative vision. “Seasick” sees the artist continue to explore the breadths of his sound, offering up three sequential moods in one song that portray the various apertures given by the lyrics.

Speaking to the concept in a recent press release, Rapta elucidates that “the song breeds a trilogy taking the listener on an experience of ups and downs; there are three entirely different moods and perspectives in each of the parts.” The first ‘mood’ establishes the lyrical themes and sonic palette moreover, a harmony of synthetic and organic elements that set the foundation for the expressive vocal melody. The second introduces slick trap drums and sees his vocal match the increased energy with a little more bite energy. Closing the track, the instrumental changes once again, seeing a dutiful ‘slowed’ iteration that compounds the water-based metaphors by adding a hazy, underwater-like effect.

Speaking to the motivations behind the track, Rapta further states he, “was inspired by my constant flux of emotions due to uncertainty. The title serves as a metaphor for the way the record makes you feel and the way I personally felt in the process of making it.” While a tense uncertainty may have fuelled the track, he sounds completely at ease on “Seasick,” and with quality like this, let’s hope we’ll be hearing from Rapta again soon.

“Seasick” is out now via 2DEX.

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