R&B Artist Jen Ash releases sultry new single

Jen Ash continues to be a rising R&B powerhouse right into 2023. Her new single “Trouble,” which is out via all platforms, is a tribute to the late, great Amy Winehouse.

The Pro Basketball Player-turned-R&B singer-songwriter amplifies her release of “Trouble,” as it showcases Ash as not only a songwriter, but a performer. Ash is known for creating soulful music by blending her gorgeous brand of  R&B with pop tendencies. While adding in some of her own signature touches, the result, “Trouble, ” brings a strong and hypnotic release to the table.

Her prior single, “No Lover Lover” charted on the the UK iTunes Top 5, which helped to garner her over 200,000 plays on Spotify. “Trouble” delivers Jazz and Blues elements which draws in additional elements such as saxophones which give the release a vintage vibe.

Ash was born in Lebanon and raised in France, and after ending her professional basketball career, moved to Los Angeles to pursue her music carer. Remaining true to her vision, she creates music that both connects with and inspires listeners, while staying true to herself.

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