The Slice, Episode 105 [Hip Hop + R&B]

The Slice is a piece that gives readers a quick glimpse into a handful of musical releases from around the globe. These are songs that might have slipped under your radar but don’t worry, we are here to help you out.

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Nia Chennai – “So Pretty When You Cry”.

London-based R&B singer, songwriter and artist Nia Chennai return with her new single “So Pretty When You Cry”. The smooth retro-tinged R&B track has a playful and uplifting vibe and sees Nia basking in the sorrows of her ex who tries to get back with her. She holds no apologies whatsoever and stands on business while having a laugh or two.

Rad Brown x Young Noble x Luniz – “Casino Flow” 

Rad Brown teams up with Young Noble (of Outlawz fame) and Yukmouth and Kuzzo Fly for the aspirational tune “Casino Flow”. The track is built on a cinematic sample with sparse drum grooves, and the emcees share their thoughts on having a strong work ethic and clearing out the opposition.

Psych Major – “Under Any Condition” (feat. Dagha & Sadat X)

Emcee / Producer Psych Major returns with his new single “Under Any Condition” which sees him teaming up with long-time rhyme partner Dagha and chorus by the legend Sadat X. The sparsely arranged track is a nod to everlasting friendships and the bond you have with the day ones.  “Under Any Condition” is the first leak from the forthcoming Old Head EP to drop on 6/14 via Below System Records and can be downloaded immediately when you pre-order the project via iTunes or the label’s Bandcamp page.

Alexa Kate – “Why Should I Be Sorry?”.

Singer/songwriter Alexa Kate is working on her debut EP but in the meantime, she shares her final single  “Why Should I Be Sorry?”. The track is a summer-tinged contemporary pop number that explores the aftermath of a breakup and the lingering emotions that never go away. Over a bright guitar arrangement and bouncy groove, Alexa shares her true feelings about her ex, their faults and the annoying fact that the love between them is still in the ether.

Skizza x AK Productions – “Plates”

Canadian hiphop veteran Skizza and producer AK Productions bask in their success in this aspirational and uplifting track titled “Plates”. The smooth production has a throwback R&B crisp vibe with sparsely arranged drum grooves. Here, Skizza gives us a rundown of having a work ethic using food and culinary metaphors and like great food, the results require effort and passion.

“Plates” is taken from the duo’s newly released album Summer League – the follow-up to their 2023 ‘Champion Season‘ trilogy, for which they were named Hip-Hop Artists of the Year at the Saskatchewan Music Awards.

Bema Tadey – “Reckless”.

Rising singer Bema Tadey delivers some upbeat and summer-tinged vibes in her new release “Reckless”. The guitar-driven love ballad produced by LEIF and Bema is bouncy and vibrant while Bema’s sultry melodic runs are prevalent from start to finish. The track talks about crushing on someone you can’t have but entertaining the thoughts of risking it all but is it worth it at the end?

Cassandra – “Crossover”.

Emerging singer/songwriter Cassandra caught our attention with her new single “Crossover”. The cinematic piece is underpinned by her breathy and commanding vocal tone and heartfelt songwriting that explores the ups and downs of soul searching. The song evokes memories of late 90s and early 2000s R&B with a modern twist.

Vacatixn – “Sunrise”.

UK rapper/songwriter Vacatixn connects with producer/instrumentalist Tony Bones, and saxophonist Jackson B for his new single titled “Sunrise”. The track is as nostalgic and warm as they come and is filled with reflective themes with heartfelt songwriting that everyone can relate to.

siylk – “seekers through the sand (Radio Edit)”

Emerging alternative hiphop emcee/songwriter siylk makes his entry on our list with “seekers through the sand (Radio Edit)”. The track is a dynamic and cinematic medley that is ripe with rich piano chords that slowly builds into a frenzy and ends with punchy dark trap soundscapes all underpinned by his insightful and relatable tale of finding one’s true purpose in this desert like world. This is the final track from his new album titled nuLL.

SHOWTIME RAMON x ProjectPorter – “Ken Griffey Jr”

SHOWTIME RAMON and producer NY-based ProjectPorter share “Ken Griffey Jr”, a single from their latest joint project titled Speed. The track has a dark and brooding backdrop that sounds like a scene from a psychological thriller and sees Showtime in his usual bravado mode as he delivers pure unfiltered and unhinged raps.

James Gardin – “You Got it”

James Gardin gves us something groovy and uplifting with his latest single “You Got it”. Backed by the West Coast funk-infused soundscape provided by Dj Y’z, James pours adulation on that special someone who glows and shines even as the detractors try to derail what they have going on.

Paisley Noir – “21Paisley”

Paisley Noir‘s “21Paisley” is an unapologetic story tale of the life of a young artist who is going against all odds to get his just due. Armed with his laidback flow, decisive cadence and vivid rhyme schemes, Paisley gives audiences a hard-hitting and insightful piece that shows a different side to his artistry. The track is lifted from his latest 5-track EP entitled After Dark.