Really Hiiim and Puzzle team up with Willie The Kid for “HEZEKIA FLOW “

New York-based hip-hop producer Really Hiiim and Atlanta raised director and music curator Puzzle have joined forces for an upcoming collaborative project, The Crux. The duo has been putting in work respectively with Really Hiiim making tracks for various underground emcees like B.A Badd while Puzzle has worked with Westside Gunn, Benny The Butcher amongst others. For their first single “HEZEKIA FLOW “, Puzzle plays A&R with the producer crafting dark sonics for veteran emcee Willie The Kid. 

The track has a somber and almost suspenseful tone with its dusty texture, chilling piano riffs, and thumping boom-bap drum arrangement. Willie the Kid is in top form as well and just coming off the release of his collaborative project, Deutsche Marks 2  (with producer V Don). He delivers his characteristic calm flow laced with vivid imagery and a whole lot of bravado. “Utterly egregious, disgusted, I’m not surprised though I’m in a high rise bro/ You dudes look very small if not at all” he quips as he shows disdain for the naysayers.

“HEZEKIA FLOW ” is the lead single from Really Hiiim and Puzzle’s project, The Crux. A project that features a plethora of top-notch wordsmiths of the modern age over somber and cinematic sounds.  As Reallyhiiim adds via email “the definition of the word Crux is ‘the decisive or most important point at issue’ that issue to us is to make a cohesive project from start to finish with no skips.  It’s a vibe.”

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