Tokyo Slums share their debut single “Why’d You Leave Me Like That”

Hailing from a small Midwest town, pop newbies Tokyo Slums share their debut single “Why’d You Leave Me Like That”. Feeling strangely familiar yet super comforting, the duo have produced a well-polished single that’s pure liquid gold.

Tinged with electro-beats, “Why’d You Leave Me Like That” is filled with achingly mellow grooves. Dripping with icy synth patterns and pop-focused vocals, the single’s self-reflective lyricism is heartwarmingly confessional. “The song is about learning to cope with loss or even a feeling of loss that I established when my Mom went into a deep depression that eventually turned into Dementia/Alzheimer’s,” explains vocalist Baxter. “I channeled that into unhealthy coping and am still learning better ways to help me through the hard times.”

Padded with hearty drum thuds and awash with emotional sincerity, Tokyo Slums have constructed a winning formula with this debut. Made up of vocalist/guitarist Baxter and drummer Jace, the duo are dusting off musical rocks and crafting them into pop gems. This is an addictive debut, leaving you craving a whole lot more.

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