Reece returns with the to-the-point “K.”

There’s something to be said about artists that can achieve a lot with a little, and DMV-based artist Reece excels in his austere simplicity. His uncomplicated approach pulls naturally focus to the melody along with his distinctive personality, a facet that’s paramount in his music; elucidating in the email press release that, “I use music as an outlet to show who I truly am to the entire world. It’s not about the cover art or what I look like. Focus on the songs.”

Following on from “China Blue,” a poignant release that arrived at the turn of the decade, Reece continues to explore his creative palette on “K.” A simple lyrical concept brought masterfully into fruition, which features production from powerhouse producer Fabian Mazur. Themed with a tongue-in-cheek message of empowerment, his ear for melody combined with the acoustic guitar-led production achieves a result reminiscent of Y2K-era R&B, a sound no doubt close to a lot of peoples hearts.

“K. is about that one toxic ex that won’t leave you alone!” urges Reece. “They keep coming back over and over again remaking the same promises they’ve already made to the point where all that’s left for you to say is “K.” Since you know it’s all bullsh*t.”

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