Rheez delivers emotive and aggressive single “Pe$Os”

Maltese-born and UK-raised Rheez lets out his hunger and desire to go further in life and music on explosive track “Pe$Os” led by his dynamic vocals rooted in an aggressive deliver. Crafted upon a bed of swirling synths and sharp drum beats, the track showcases his powerful rap with a melodic chorus perfectly softening the ferocity of the number.

With an ability to weave poetic yet witty lyrics into an emotion-infused delivery,  Rheez encapsulates a genre-bending artistry which brings forth a melting pop of influences that leans just as much into heavy rock greatness as it does into raw rap sensibilities.

Speaking of the track, Rhee said, “This particular track was a bit of an aggressive venting session, considering the current position I have in my career, I feel like the song expresses my hunger and desire to go further, and a slight showcase on my word play abilities.”

Shaped by an upbringing steeped in music, Rheez who sat behind the drum kit aged 12 has never looked back since. Consistently honing and evolving his artistry to one that speaks of versatility and sonic abundance, Rheez’s journey is rooted in the passionate, single-minded focus of “ living for music and dying for music.”

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