Rich Delinquent releases dynamic 4-track ‘Here’s to Dystopia’ EP

Rich Delinquent has proven himself as a rising pop sensation from Australia who’s earned acclaim from the scene for his cyberpunk-esque motifs and emotronic sound. Building upon the success of recent singles “Speak Up ft. Emmy Mack” and “Chica Diablo ft. 12am,” Rich Delinquent is excited to unveil his newest EP, ‘Here’s To Dystopia,’ out now.

Sharing on the release of his latest EP, Delinquent shares, “When you find yourself diverging from society’s expectations and start embracing the chaos within, it’s time to fully embrace it. Introducing “Here’s To Dystopia!” – a four-track EP crafted to help you connect with your inner Delinquent.

Across the EP’s 4 cuts, we see Delinquent delve into explorative sounds and vulnerable themes that listeners haven’t heard before from his catalog, furthering the development of the producer’s signature sound and making him an identifiable force in electronic music.

The EP kicks off with the title track ft. Riley, a haunting exploration of societal disillusionment and the pharmaceutical industry’s impact on mental health. Rich Delinquent fearlessly calls out the issues plaguing society and the detrimental effects of overmedication.

The emotionally raw “Speak Up” features Emmy Mack, and takes listeners on a heart-wrenching journey through a breakup. With lyrics like “how do you speak up in silence? I know that I killed the romance,” Rich Delinquent exposes vulnerability and emotional depth complimented by soft, somewhat distant melodies that sway back and forth.

Chica Diablo,” featuring pop artist 12am, fuses future bass and rave elements with a heart-pumping beat. Capping off the EP is the pop anthem “Where’s the Exit,” a collaboration with the rising Aussie band Lakelend. The track delves into the realms of yearning, addictive desires, and the risk of falling in love, all set against a backdrop of moody, infectious melodies and a compelling pop beat.

Known for his vivid songwriting and mesmeric production, Rich Delinquent yet again delivers a fresh and forward-thinking release to the emotronic genre with ‘Here’s To Dystopia’. He’s drawn comparisons in the past to The Weeknd, especially from his iconic House of Balloons era, and rightfully so, as his production with gripping narratives have set him apart from the rest, solidifying his position as one of today’s brightest emerging artists.