Ridi drops vibrant and celebratory track “Merry Go Round”

Swiss-based, Indian origin singer-songwriter Ridi drops youthful track “Merry Go Round,” spanning themes of heartbreak, loneliness, love, joy and everything in between, wrapped up in a bouncy and sultry soundscape.

Carried by her husky vocals, catchy beats and an infectious rhythm that pay homage to her Indian heritage, the feel-good number is accompanied by a vibrant and culturally-rich music video that sees her don traditional Indian clothing, with a luxurious backdrop of stunning castles.

Speaking of the inspiration of the track, she says, “Merry Go Round explores the circular nature of life and the fact that no matter what age we are, no matter what phase of life we are in, what we go through and the difficulties we experience all come back around in different ways and different complexities.”

Capturing growth while still staying true to ourselves, the euphoric track sets up the rising musician for further success after her well-loved debut single. A soon-to-be engineering student and an anti-bullying activist, Ridi is shaping up as a role model in music and beyond.

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