Rising hip-hop artist MH set to release new single “No Cap” ft. Berner & Cozmo

Hip-hop artist MH is set to release his highly anticipated new single, “No Cap,” featuring collaborations with Berner and Cozmo. The single is scheduled to drop this Friday, and fans worldwide eagerly anticipate its release.

With previous hits such as “Stay Dangerous” and “The Gutta,” MH has already established himself as a talented and hardworking artist in the rap game. “No Cap” showcases MH’s signature style and flow while incorporating a hard-hitting beat that will get listeners grooving. Collaborations with Berner and Cozmo add unique energy, elevating the single to new heights.

Berner, the successful rapper and founder of the famous cannabis brand Cookies, is confident that “No Cap” will be a hit. MH’s innovative approach to music and dedication to his craft has gained him a loyal following, with fans eagerly anticipating the release of his latest single.

“No Cap” is expected to push the boundaries of hip-hop and solidify MH’s place as one of the most innovative artists in the industry. MH’s unique blend of trap and lyrical rap has recognized him as a fresh sound in hip-hop.

Fans are encouraged to stay tuned for the release of “No Cap” and follow MH on social media for updates on his music and future projects.

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